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"The three teachers"


A child cannot be taught. A child learns. From the three teachers - the child, the community and the environment.

Through the day. Child led.

There is something to learn in every moment we live and in everything we do. Children are no different. They observe, absorb, practice and practice more... till they perfect it. At their level of perfection.


ChicaNiño is a full day learning environment. The child, alongwith the community of peers and adults, inculcates age appropriate life skills via activities designed to develop language, math, manipulative, music & art and practical life skills. We further back you up on the time your child spends with us with supportive dining and toileting facilities.


We hope that under our care, we are able to inculcate values of order, patience and purposefulness. Inculcating life skills and proper values is what upbringing is all about, right?

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