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"The Agenda on diversity is not just a boardroom matter"

Affirmative action is the only way forward in the quest for greater participation of women in the workforce.

A few of our corporate relationships

Let's eliminate the disincentive

For a mother to leave her precious little one in the arms of a stranger is a leap of faith that requires substantial fortitude. Add to that the anxiety of well being and upbringing of the child; can lead to a potential no-show on the first day post the maternity break. More than just policies, returning mothers require affirmative action.

ChicaNiño believes in eliminating the disincentive for returning mothers by providing their children with the highest levels of care, comfort and upbringing - so that, we don't just help the parent while they are working... we also end up helping them back home. 

Various corporates have acknowledged this and subscribed to our proximally situated centres or have chosen us to run their in-house childcare facilities. If you would like your employer to subscribe to our services, please email us on

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