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"Man only helps by preparing the environment. The plant does its own growing."


We firmly believe in letting the child be a child. Only way to do it - prepared environments.

Real Life. Child sized.

We offer prepared environments so that your child can comfortably negotiate through the otherwise seemingly unsolvable maze of the adult world. A little thoughtfulness goes a long way in building a child's confidence and independence.


REACH and ACCESS - everything that should be used by the child is within baby meters. Even the loos.


BABY BULK - size and weight of learning aids and elements of the child's environment are designed for the child to lift on his or her own. 


MATERIALS - no reason why plastic should be the predominant sensorial experience for the child. We further enhance it with wood, cloth, paper, water and earth.


We have separate environments for walkers 12+ months, confidently walking) and non-walkers (4.5 months till they are confidently walking).

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