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"We don't measure care merely in ratios"


Having said that, we have an adult to child ratio of 1:2.5, allowing for an unhurried day plan in a home like environment. Added benefits being - increased focus & facetime for individualized attention.

Safe. Secure. Hygienic. Individualized.

SAFETY is the primary concern at ChicaNiño with our centre at a lower floor, rounded edges and corners, medical, first-aid and emergency procedures and training in place.


SECURITY of your child is of paramount importance and we keep a strict control on the exit door without impacting emergency evacuation requirements. CCTV monitoring, rotational security procedures and authorization of entry make it happen.


HYGIENE is maintained at top notch levels and this is a non negotiable starting with self hygiene of staff. Cleaning routines are conducted regularly and no reusable cloth is used on children for wiping or drying. Bathrooms undergo a two hourly cleaning routine.

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